Military Relocation Professional

I understand:
Quick Relocations
VA Financing
Military Benefits
BAH Rates
VA Loan Limits

When you receive your PCS the clock starts.
You need to move soon and sell your
current house even sooner.  As a Military Relocation Professional (MRP), I understand your unique situation and have the knowledge to make the most of every transaction, selling and buying. My goal is to find a location and community quickly, so that you and your family can feel at home.

Did you know:
You don’t have to be out of the service to use your VA Loan?
you can buy a home with nothing down and no closing costs

VA loans are easier to qualify for than a conventional loan?
Your VA Loan guarantee can be used over and over.

Did you know, when you receive your PCS orders you can request 10 days to search for a house at your new duty station?
this is called a Permissive TAD Authorization for Residence Hunting.

REF: MILPERSMAN 1320-210 Ch-10



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