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Sellers: Protect yourself and Your Home!

front of door

Never allow random house-hunters into your home unescorted. A serious buyer will be working with a real estate professional or should be willing to contact your agent to schedule an appointment. Also, always lock your valuables away before an open house – the agent onsite will be monitoring traffic, but it’s impossible to be everywhere at all times

Where are you MOVING to?

Every Military spohouse photouse should know that a permanent change of station (PCS) orders are a way of life for them.  Moving here and there every 2-3 years makes even the un-organized gal become instantly organized. Planning a move and getting it down to a synchronized watch is the ultimate goal but where do you begin?  Listed are a couple of basic things to get you started:

1. Set up a meeting with your base transportation office. Depending on your service branch, the name of the government office that handles your relocation varies:

  • The Department of Defense: Joint Personal Property  Shipping Office.
  • Air Force: Traffic Management Office.
  • Army: Installation Transportation Office.
  • Navy and Marine Corps: Personal Property Shipping Office.
  • Coast Guard: Household Goods Shipping Office.

2. Contact the family center at your new location. Family centers offer relocation assistance programs that provide moving information to you and your family. If you plan on DITY (Do-It-Yourself) you can keep the money from the move! Visit this site to learn more: DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE PCS moving portal,

3. If you’re living in government quarters, notify the housing office of your projected move date. Make sure you also know all the regulations about cleaning your home before you move out.

4. Make an appointment with your finance office at your current installation.

5. Visit: PCS Checklists for Your Move. This site’s checklist will help you make sure all details are checked off and nothing is missed.